I’m Still Here

It has been a very long time since I wrote anything here. I’ve started my new job at World 45. It isn’t exactly what I expected, somewhat better in fact. We work with Sun’s Niagara processors writing offload applications to run in raw (OS-less) logical domains.

Most of my time has been spent writing an offload-system to allow easy communication between an application running under Solaris and the offload application running in its own domain. I’ve spent time writing application code, Solaris device drivers, and library code in a mix of C and assembler (to talk to the hypervisor). The end result scales pretty well (with up to 12 processors anyway). I believe the plan is for Sun to eventually release it as open source, but I can’t let you download it quite yet. It doesn’t have a fancy code-name or anything either. One day, maybe.

The end result: I’m actually getting paid to make use of my assembly language and open-source habits. I’d be really happy if it wasn’t for the TCP/IP stack I’m currently trying to untangle, but that will pass soon.

I think I’ve closed a total of three GNOME bugs in the last three months. This is a vast improvement over the previous three and I would hope to do a bit more in the coming months. I’m currently poking at the un-loved parts of gnome-applets.