World45 is dead, long live World45

Just over three weeks ago, World45’s sole investor decided to cut his losses and close the company. From his perspective I suppose this made a lot of sense, but it was rather sudden. The ironic bit is that I think we’d finally figured out how to get the company to the break even point. Unfortunately, the mistakes up until that point hadn’t given him a lot of confidence. At the end of the day it was his company and his choice.

There is hope for a World45 Mk II. Mariusz and Lipi are going to pick up the contracts we had lined up and World45 (2008) ltd. looks like it will rise from the ashes. It will be leaner and won’t have a lot of money behind it, but we’ve got a good source of contracts to form a base to our work. If you’re looking for experts in multi-core programming and optimisation: see (that bit about “we’re hiring” on the front page – probably a lie, but we might be able to find work for the right person).

Personally, I’m back in employment next week – working as a research associate in the local physics department. Back to lasers, atoms and PhD students. It will be a fun, but temporary, diversion. In the meantime I’ve been painting the house, preparing for the baby and doing all the odd-jobs that I’ve put off. Unemployment is hard work.